PARKER: Pacific Swimwears Industries and SinoGarment have entered into negotiations for a new contract. 


A number of problems with supply under the old contract brought up by Lei Wie, have been quickly resolved, 


so that, at last, discussion of the new contract can begin.


LI:Gentlemen. As usual our discussions proceed quickly and with a maximum of agreement on both sides,


 I'm very happy with the frank exchange of views, This has led to a much better understanding and will most certainly facilitate our discussions, 


you've been quick in resolving problems arising from the old contract. and I think it is time now to talk about a new supply.


GOODWIN: I'm glad to hear it. I feel better now that those problems have been cleared up, 


I don't want them to stand in the way of our negotiations. now ,just  how do you want to proceed? 


I'm willing to discuss supply in any way you want.


LI: I'd like to hear your proposals.


GOODWIN:All right. let's take it from the top. The market situation has changed somewhat since we signed our last contract. 


You know that, and I know that,Fiber powder is manufactured from natural gas. as you know. 


and the prices of natural gas has gone up 3% since July last year. Additionally, the Canadian dollar has dropped from 77.8 to 73.1, 


Thereby raising the price of domestic production of natural gas. On top of this. labour costs have gone up by 2% because of the new labour contract signed last August. 


and transportation costs are up as well. Mr. Parker will be pleased to translate all this into dollars and cents if you wish. 


He has done this homework. Will you pass your report to Madam Li. David?


LI:Thank you, Mr. Parker.

(谢谢 PARKER先生)

GOODWIN: Just before we left Vancouver, We signed a contract for the same quality of fibre powder at USD135 per metric ton F.O.B stowed. 

(就在大家离开温哥华之前,大家签了一个同样质量的化纤粉末合同,是USD135 FOB理仓价格)

You know, too. that at this moment the market is advancing.


LI:Well, I suppose there are two ways of looking at the market, Mr.Goodwin.

(然而, 我看有两种看市场行情的角度,GOODWIN先生)

The way I read it at the moment, the market has been greatly affected by the world economic recession. 


And money is tight. Moreover, the prices of swimwears is falling sharply. This situation afftects, in turn, the use of fibre powder, 


Hence, as I look at the market, I see that there is more fibre powder available  than that is actually needed, 


The market is weak, and all economic indicators point to a fall in prices.


GOODWIN:I speak with some knowledge with respect to the manufacturer of fibre powder.


 It is axiomatic that manufacturers will not continue to produce fibre powder if they are unable to meet their production costs. 


It is a fact of life. When costs exceed profit,production either diminishes at once or stops altogether. 


Thus, the notion of a glut of fibre powder on the market is only theoretical.


LI:Overproduction nonetheless remains a fact. if one producer shuts down production, another rushes to fill the gap. 


It is a fact that the international market reflects the relationship between supply and demand.


GOODWIN:Yes. indeed, Our veiws on the matter, however, seem diametrically opposed. 


You see the market going down, I see it going up. You see it from the viewpoint of the buyer. I see it from that of the seller. 


Well, let that rest for the moment,Let's put aside our views on futures and talk about this contract, shall we? 


I'm quite prepared to offer you a quotation which is based upon the prevailing international market prices.


LI:Fine, let's hear it.


GOODWIN: Now, I want you to know that I'm making this offer with a view to expanding our business relationship. 


This then is my offer. I will deliver to you 120,000 metric tons of fibre powder in six equal monthly instalments beginning next july.


 The fibre powder will be packed in new polymoven bags and will cost your only USD135 per metric ton F.O.B stowed. 

(化纤粉末包装在新的聚苯烯编织袋中,价格是USD135每吨 FOB理仓)

All terms and conditions will be the same as those in our previous contract, number C70084,


LI:Thank you for your offer. Mr. Goodwin. You can depand on us. We will give you offer serious consideration. When do you expect and answer?

(GOODWIN 先生谢谢你的报价,请稍等大家,大家将对您的报价做认真的考虑,您希翼什么时间回复?)

GOODWIN: As soon as possible. Will you tomorrow be all right?


LI. I'll try.




DIALOGUE: At the Commondity Inspection bureau.


Chief Inspector: Have you finished that test on the Canadia Fiber powder yet?


INSPECTOR:Not quite.


CHIEF INSPECTOR: When can I have it? Sinogarment has been asking for it.


INSPECTOR:If I drop everything else, I could probably have it for  you by this afternoon.


CHIEF INSPECTOR. Do you best, will you? Bring it to me as soon as you've finished.


INSPECTOR: Here are the Canadia fiber powder results.


CHIEF INSPECTOR: Ah good! Do they look all right?


INSPECTOR: Well, they look at bit high in Biuret.


CHIEF INSPECTOR: Let me see, Oh yes. 1.1%, that is a bit on the high side. I think I'll ring Sinogarment immediately. Thank you for working so hard.

(我看看,哦 是的,1.1%,这是超过标准的,我马上给中国服装打电话,谢谢你的辛苦劳动)



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