PARKER:Mr.John Goodwin returned from this meeting at the Import Building with the contract in his hand and found me up and walking about the hotel feeling much better. 


He told me of the discussion about a long term agreement with SinoGarment. which, of course, is my pet project, 


I assure him I will be in top shape tomorrow and that I will go along in hopes I can be of assistance in the discussion,


LI:Well, I'm happy to see you've recovered,Mr. Parker.

(PARKER先生 看到你回复健康了,我非常高兴)

PARKER: Thank you, Yes, I feel much better, Nothing could keep me away from today's meeting anyway, Even if I had been sick. I think I would have picked up my bed and walked here with it.


GOODWIN:Mr. Parker is not exaggerating!


LI:Such devotion!


PARKER: Yes, well, like Mr. Goodwin, I can say I believe in long term agreement.


LI:Well, I think perhaps we all believe in them. especially when they are beneficial to both sides. Yesterday, Mr Goodwin, You sketched out your general ideas on a long term prorosal, 


and I wonder if you could be more specific today, Let's get down to brass tacks, as you are fond of saying.


GOODWIN: All right, here's what I propose. We could sign a five year-term agreement in which we would sell you, say,250,000 tons of fibre powder each year. 


Fibre powder of the same quality as we're selling to you now. We could be pretty flexible on this. We could make it 250.000 tons minimum if you prefer.


LI:What about the price? We seem to have agreed to disagree about prices.

(那么价格怎么办呢? 大家双方都意思到大家在价格上有分歧的。)

GOODWIN: Let's do this. Let's meet every six months and sit down and talk about the prices. 


We could meet alternately in Vancourver and Beijing if this appeals to you. Naturally, our guideling would be the prevailing world market prices.


LI:What if we couldn't agree on the prevailing world market prices? Try as hard as we could we simply couldn't agree? what then?


GOODWIN: Then we wouldn't ship the fibre powder.


LI: What if you couldn't meet our delivery dates?


GOODWIN: Then you wouldn't have to buy.


LI:All right. Another question, What if, for one reason or another, we weren't able to buy 250,000 tons for one year or you couldn't come up with 250,000 tons? What would be done about the difference? 


I mean,let's say I only wanted to buy 100,000 tons, what would we do with the remaining 150.000 tons? We couldn't have to carry it over till next year, would we?


GOODWIN:We could forget about the discrepancy.


LI: Do you mean to say that both sides would then be released from their obligations to fulfil the balance of the quantity for that year?


GOODWIN: Precisely. The long-term agreement would be, in fact, an expression of the willingness of both parties to cooperate in future and provide for a tentative framework for that cooperation.


LI: I see, Well, Mr. Goodwin, I think I can say that your proposals regarding the quantity of fibrepowder seem acceptable, We might leave the prices open to be fixed later,


But I think we would have to fix the prices at the latest on December 15 for shipment in the first half of the next calendar year. and at the latest on June 15 for shipment in the second half of the calendar year.



GOODWIN:Okay. That suits me.


LI:Well then, if it's agreeable to you, perhaps Mr. Yu could prepare the agreement. I should think it would be ready for our signatures sometime tomorrow afternoon. How does that sound?


GOODWIN:Sounds every good.

(非常好  )

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