Paul: Well, according to our progress chart we seem to be doing quite well. You know. we've come a long way in two months Jack.

根据大家的进度表,大家似乎做得很好。 你知道。 大家在两个月内取得了很大进步。

Jack: Let's hope we can keep it up.


Paul: How's the assembly plant expansion coming on? Is the work near completion?

装配工厂扩建进展如何? 工作是否接近完成?

Jack: Well, the 200,000 cubic feet for the engine assembly should be completed by the end of the month.


Paul: That's fine, And what about those delivery trucks we ordered?


Jack: Well, four out of eight arrived, I got on to the suppliers this morning and the other four will be arriving any day now.


Paul: Good.Then we don't seem to have any immediate problems anyway.


Jack: Except the skilled workers, Paul. We're having some difficulty in getting the skilled workers we need. We did place advertisements in the Dabu newspaper.

除了技术工人问题,保罗。 大家在招聘大家所需要的技术工人方面遇到一些困难。 大家在大布报上刊登了广告。

PAUL: Yes. well ... Maybe it's a bit early to expect any response. You know. our terms are very good, Jack. I'm sure we'll get what we're looking for eventually, But, you know. if we wait then ...

是的。然而 ...也许现在希望有反应有点儿早吧。 你知道。 大家的待遇非常好,杰克。 我相信最终大家会得到大家想招聘的,但是,你知道。 如果大家等待...

Jack: By the way. the other thing is that Tom Jayal's upstairs mumbling all sort of abuse about the bank.

顺便一提下。 另一件事是汤姆·杰亚尔在楼上唠叨着对银行的各种不满

Paul:What? Oh, yes, well ... I think I might know why.

什么? 哦,是的,好吧...我想我可能知道为什么。

Tom: Paul! Get Jack and come to my office immediately.Kamal and his bank are beginning to get on my nerves.

保罗! 叫杰克,你们马上来到我的办公室.卡马尔和他的银行开始令我神经紧张了。

Paul:Yes. On our way. Tom, sorry. Jack, We'll talk about the other problem later, Is it urgent?

是。汤姆, 大家正在路上。 对不起, 杰克,大家以后再谈谈另一个问题,这事是不是紧急?

Jack: Not really. The client is calling back this afternoon at around 4.00, but I'll need to know by then. I'll see you before that.

不是那么急。 客户今天下午在4.00左右回电,但是到那时我需要知道。 我会在那之前见你。

Paul: Right. Come on Jack. Tom's waiting ...

好的。 来!杰克, 汤姆在等着大家。

Tom: Well. what do you make of this letter? I think it's a damned cheek. Kamal's going so far.

你们对这封信做了什么? 我认为这简直是厚然无耻。 卡迈勒走的太远了。

Paul: Yes. I thought as much. Kamal wants us to merge with Multi-National Engineering Incorporated.

是的。 我也这么想。 卡马尔希翼大家与夸国工程企业合并。

Jack: The MEI, Well, well, well, An extremely successful company.


Tom: Did you know about this, Paul?


Paul: No. not really. When we first started this export business I guessed that if we were successful Kamal might suggest something like this to protect the bank's investment in us.

不知道,真的不知道。 当大家刚开始启动出口业务时,我猜想,如果大家成功,卡马尔可能会建议这样做,以保护银行在大家的投资。

Jack: Or more likely to increase the bank's profit. So Kamal has shown his true colours. He thinks we're too highly geared and the MEI are prepared to inject a large amount of new equity capital.

或更有可能增加银行的利润。 所以卡马尔已经漏出了他的本来面目。 他认为大家已经超负荷运行了,MEI准备注入大量新的股本资金。

Tom:Right. but what infuriates me is that the MEI want 50% control of the company.

对。 但是令我感到烦恼的是,MEI想要50%的企业控制权

Paul:Yes. And that means they'd want to appoint their own Managing Director to keep on an eye on things.

是的。 这意味着他们打算任命自己的董事总长来关注事情。

Tom: Out of the question.


Paul:But I thought you ere going to sell out and retire anyway. Tom?

但我以为你要出让股份并且退休啊。 汤姆?

Tom: Yes. I'll sell out to you and Tara. but not to some foreign-owned multi-national after I've spent my life building up Jayal Motors from nothing.

是的。 我会出让给你和塔拉。 但不是出让给一些外人所有的跨国企业,我已经花了我一生的时间从无到有建立了贾亚尔摩托。

Jack:Mm. wait a minute. Kamal goes on ... " Jayal Motors would benefit from being associated with MEI which has a wide international network"

嗯。 等一下。 卡马尔还说...“贾亚尔摩托将受益于MEI所具有的广泛国际网络”

Paul: Yes, but we haven't done so badly on the marketing front so far. You see, the problem is we're becoming heavily dependent on borrowing to finance expansion.

是的,但大家到目前为止在营销方面还没有做得那么糟糕。 你知道,问题是大家正在严重依赖贷款来融资扩建。

Tom: But where can we get the equity without losing control?


Paul: I don't know, But Carl Sindon's coming over from Industria next week. He may have some ideas, Now let's delay responding to Kamal until we've seen Carl..

我不知道,但卡尔·辛顿下周从Industria过来。 他可能有一些想法,等大家看到卡尔以后再回复卡马尔吧..

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